Introduction and background

The goal of this article is to explain the logic flow behind the’s Datablock API, and how to write the functions to enable the use of this API with video data.

Problem Statement

Recently while working on a project to detect whether or not a page in a book has been turned using video, the first thing that needed to be solved was how to load video data into a neural network. The network architecture is going to be based on this paper, with the goal of classifying a video between two classes, or actions. The framework I chose to use…

A Little Introduction to Apziva

Apziva is a place of learning and growth. Apziva’s mission is to provide opportunities for one to gain real world experience in their desired field of work. At Apziva, we pride ourselves in working on projects in an environment that promotes experimentation, individual decision making, and collaboration. I have been working through the residency program as an AI Resident, where you are provided with an industry expert as a mentor to guide you. …

Jo Vincent Ruiz

Machine Learning Engineer

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